Red Ribbon Club 2016

Red ribbon club nthss 2016

Red Ribbon Club with the theme “Just Say No” organized Red Ribbon Week from 10th to 13th May 2016. Each day was marked significantly with a theme and an activity. Beside regular frisking of Tobacco items from students was conducted during school hours by RRC members.

Red ribbon club NTHSS 2016

Day 1 marked the Kick off to Red Ribbon Club week with the theme “Colour your school Red – just say No to Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco”. The students coloured the school Red by tying Red Ribbon on each pillar of the school building and on the trees in the campus.


red ribbon club nthss trees 2016

Day 2 was a Hands off campaign. The theme of the day was “Team up against Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco – Hands Off”. Face painting, poster, making hand’s of poster campaign against drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco etc were some of the activities of the day.

Red ribbon club poster

Day 3 was the culmination of all activities. The theme of the day was “ I am a Jean-ious-I am Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Free”. Students wore their favorite jeans and Red T-shirts to mark the day. The day started with formal programme by RRC members during the morning assembly and ended with the group members visiting all the classroom from class 1-12 with the message “Just Say No to Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco” and thanked the teachers and students for the support and success of the programme.

Student Leader RRC 2016 Rudemo Sapu

Mrs. Amongla Longchar AHM NTHSS
Co-ordinator RRC 2016