Educational Field trip & Excursion to Khonoma and Kolkata 2016

nthss kolkata 2016 excursion

Someone has rightly said that travel widens our horizons, makes us more receptive and accommodating in life. Travel is no doubt an integral part of human nature and an educational tool in the form of field trips and excursions. In the school curriculum books are the only source of information and the classroom the only place to acquire it. Young minds need to be exposed to travel and broaden their understanding of the world and to explore their capacity to adjust to different situations. At NTHSS we believe that pure theoretical knowledge is incomplete without practical experience. So every year the school organises excursions and trips to broaden social experiences, inculcate the desired qualities of leadership and harness the requisite level of self confidence in our students.

nthss khonoma trip 2016

Thus a field trip to Khonoma the first green village in India and an excursion to Kolkata was undertaken by the students of class 12 (Arts).

nthss khonoma trip 2016


The students explored science city and Nicco park and visited Victoria memorial building, Howrah Bridge, Eco park and Mothers House-the burial site of Mother Teresa.

nthss kolkata 2016