The school has two active clubs its students can take part in,


Eco Club NTHSS

The Eco –club of NTHSS was set up in the year 2006 with 55 members from various classes with the initiative of the Principal B.B Chetri, who himself is an ardent lover of Nature. The club ever since its formation has been trying in its small way to create awareness among the students in particular and in general to other stake holders in the vicinity of the school. The students are directly engaged in the club acting as flag-bearers for disseminating the immediate environment and environmental issues. It also takes up different programmes throughout the year to highlight the environmental issues.
This year the club organized a Field trip to Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar on April 25th 2015, so that the students get first hand experienced of the nature and the valuable products of the forest which requires preservation.
On the line of the Field Trip, Eco Club formally organized Plantation and Cleanliness Drive on this particular day of the club took the activities on a much bigger scale and covering a vast area under its cleanliness dive and planted hundreds of sapling of rare and normal species.
To get the first hand experience, on the line of ‘Go Green’ of the Club, a field trip was organized to the ‘greenest village’ of Nagaland i.e. Khonoma village on 07/05/15. Since the journey was suppose to be tedious one, the club stick to its senior member students. The village taught literally to every one of us in the trip the famous saying of Gandhiji “There is enough in nature for one’s need but not for the one’s greed”. The village details will take pages and pages to write still it would not finish but in one line: the village set an example how human and nature can co-exist not only that both can thrive at the same time.
Our Objectives:
i) To make children understand environment and environmental problems.
ii) To provide environment education opportunities for school children.
iii) To utilize the unique position of school as conducts for awareness of society at large.
iv) To facilitate children’s participation in decision making in areas related to environment and development.
v) To bring children in direct contact with environment problems facing the society they live in and make them think of solution.
vi) To involve children in action based programmes related to environment in their surroundings.
Future Plans: The club is going on a road map keeping future goal in mind. The goal of the club is to create a complete awareness among different stake holders of the environment. The club is planning to extend its plantation drive in much larger scale and in a sustainable ways. It is also planning to come up with a garden where rare varieties of flowers and fruits plants will be reared. The club will also take more trips in future to the different places of environmental interest.
The club has been relentlessly working for many years and would like to continue for many years to come. There are lot many things that is done and many, many more are yet to be completed. The club is looking forward for the co-operation of one and all.

2. The Red Ribbon Club:

Red ribbon club nthss 2016

The Red Ribbon Club which is a voluntarily program initiated by NSACS was formally launched in North Town Hr. Sec. School on 19th May 2006 with 40 students as its active members and Mrs. Amongla as the Club coordinator. Mrs. Alemla, District Coordinator of NSACS who was the Chief Guest at the launching ceremony highlighted the Global objective of RRC, sensitized the students about CARE, motivated the students to fight against HIV/AIDS and take measures to prevent the disease.
The Objective and vision of Red Ribbon Club of NTHSS are:-
1) To empower students by giving the information and life skills to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.
2) Young minds are elastic and impressionable. Reaching out to them can effect behavior change.RRC organizes HIV/AIDS camps and adolescences education camps on regular intervals. Slogans and essay writing competitions, poster making, display and exhibition of relevant materials and related activities are organized to motivate students for the cause.
3) Distribute printed literature and pamphlets among students for necessary information’s and motivation.
4) Display printed posters and banners on prime locations of the school to educate and create awareness in the students.
On 30th May 2015, Red Ribbon Club in collaboration with Anti Tobacco Club of the school organized “Signature Campaign”, a pledge undertaken to commit themselves to make NTHSS Tobacco and Drug Free School. The day was significantly colored Red with all the club members wearing Red Caps with the message “Stop Drugs, Stop Tobacco”. A special assembly was conducted by R.C.C where the Co-coordinator of Anti Tobacco Club Mr. Kuopielie Kruse highlighted the ill effects of Tobacco and Drugs. The principal of the school Mr. B.B Chetri motivated the students to campaign against the use and abuse of Tobacco and Drugs. More than 500 students participated in the signature campaign and the scroll of pledge was handed over to the Principal by the team leader Mr. Bhim Chang of class 12 in the presence of teachers and students.