Higher Secondary Level

Class 12 NTHSS


  • Class 11 & 12 – 8:00am – 02:00pm
  • 2nd and 4th Saturdays are holidays


Class 11 & 12 Amount (Rs)
Registration Fee Rs 200
Admission Fee Rs 8200
Installment (Three) Rs 3500
  • January fee is paid at the time of Admission Renewal or New Admission.
  • Yearly fee includes cost of School Diary, Fee Card, PR/Cumulative Record and Wall Calendar.
  • Fees are subject to revision.
  • All Text Books, Note Books and Uniform items as per the NTHSS specifications for Tie, Belt, T-shirts etc. are issued from the authorized dealer of the School (Book Stall) on payment.
  • First installment is to be paid at the time of admission.


For Higher Secondary level (Cl. 11 & 12):

Compulsory Papers 1) English 2) MIL / Alt. English
Elective Paper 1) History 2) Pol. Science
3) Economics 4) Education
Internally Assessed Subjects 1) Gen. Foundation Course 2)Work Experience (WE)
3)Physical Health Education 4)Environmental Education(EE)


  • All Students are required to wear school uniform on all school days. They must come to school neatly and smartly dressed.
  • Defaulters must obtain special permission from the principle before the Assembly or else they will not be allowed to attend class.
  • Uniforms should not be misused/dishonored.
  • Class 11 & 12
    • Boys: Light pink shirt, Dark green long pant, Dark green Blazer, white socks, black shoe and dark green neck tie.
    • Girls: Light pink shirt, Dark green skirt (specially designed), Dark green Blazer, white socks, black shoe and dark green bow tie.
  • Pattern of Uniform on week days
    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri: Pink & Dark Green dress with shoe.
    • Sat: Color Dress