NTHSS office

The school will follow quarterly assessment program for class A-10. At the end of each quarter, parents would be invited to discuss the progress of their wards with concerned teacher. A progress report will be given after each quarter during Parent Teacher Interaction (PTI) reflecting regular and evaluation of the child’s all round progress during each quarter.
Promotion for class A-8 will be done based on the reports of all the four quarters and as per the pattern specified by the SCERT/NBSE.
Class 9 & 10 have their Board Examination instead of Annual Examinations. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation guidelines given by the NBSE are followed . Factors like Discipline, Punctuality, Regularity, Cleanliness, etc are also taken into account in result making. The school academic board, shall prepare the promotion/Board Examination results on the basis of guidelines approved by the Chairman, Managing board which shall be notified on the specified result declaration day. Once the result is already finalized by the Board in consultation with the chairman, Managing board, it is final and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever.
A minimum of 85% attendance is a must for any pupil to appear the promotion examination.

The School academic board shall consist of the following,

  1. Principal, Chairman
  2. Headmaster, Member
  3. Asst H.Ms, Member
  4. Concerned class teachers

Note: The Asst. HM (Academics) will act as the secretary of the Academic board.