Thrust Areas

    • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCEAcademic Excellence NTHSS
      A true indicator of academic excellence in a child is, after graduation,his/her ability to compete with the best in the country or in the world, especially in the modern global economy. As students move up from class to class and progress to the next level, it must be ensured that what they learn have its application in the world outside of School. School system must provide suitable environment so as to challenge everyone of its pupils to work hard and achieve academic excellence. The School will keep moving on with this conviction and to this direction.


    • PHYSICAL EDUCATIONphysical-Edu-nthss
      Physical Education involves development of physical fitness, movement, skills, games and sports. The idea is not just for helping talented students to play well and achieve excellence in the field of sports and games but that physical education has far greater goals as well. It has strong connection with creative & learning experiences, cultivating habits of discipline, team spirit and cooperative working with others and skill acquisition and ,  significant effect on the mind and body. The School therefore endeavors to create all basic required sporting facilities and to provide suitable environment/ systems that will enable every pupil to involve and to excel in area where they are specially gifted.


    • SPIRITUAL EDUCATIONspiritual_education
      “Merely creating a literate individual, or a highly informed person crammed with information and facts, or to prepare an individual to find a job, or to create a good worker, a skilled technician and scientist, or an efficient doctor or lawyer, or a capable industrialist or politician, even to create a good and law abiding citizen are not sufficient in themselves. Nor do they create the whole-man or a great nation” (Sir Aurobindo). A person’s relationship with his Creator, individual character and moral purity, his values, his personality, his trust worthiness, his courage, his generosity, and his benovelance, etc, are other areas of his life which are of far greater importance than all the knowledge of facts. The point is that a human is not just one having a body, emotions and ability to think, he is more than that because he is fundamentally a spiritual being. His spirit, the invisible part, is the more important part of his total being. That is the area that needs attention, nurturing and building up.
      The School gives high emphasis on the spiritual part so as to help the children grow up in completeness with the ultimate goal of bringing out the best in them.


      “School discipline is the system of rules, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children and maintenance of order in Schools. Its aim is to create a safe and conducive and harmonious learning environment in the classroom”. It is our believe that all good Schools have good School discipline. So also we expect high standard of discipline from everyone concerned. We also advocate strongly on modern techniques of securing good School discipline through non violent method that are imaginative, creative, understanding, fair to all, compelling, relationship building and method which are effective.


      “Everyone has some capacity for leadership. The future of our society depends to a large extent on the ability of young people to develop leadership skills. Some individuals are natural leaders but others need a little push. It is important that educators provide the opportunity for every pupil to experience leadership and develop leadership skills”. The School endeavors to find out every possible avenue so as to provide everyone of the pupils with opportunity thereby to develop leadership skills.


      The School endeavors to give high emphasis on Literary, Arts and Culture education. Literary aspects mainly concern with skills of writing and speaking using a language or languages. Acquiring high proficiency in speaking and writing in English language is a great asset for an individual today. Equally important is knowing one’s own language, which is preservation of culture.
      Arts mainly concern itself with various forms such as Visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc), Applied Arts which different sub-areas are such as Architecture, fashion design, Jewellery design, wood crafts, Interior design, etc. and Performing Arts, which sub areas are dance, singing, Films and theatre, Music etc. Our part to do is mainly to unfold the importance of these areas and to help inclined pupils to have greater hunger to go deeper into the chosen area of interest.
      Now culture, “is the invisible bond that ties the people of a community together. The arts, literature, language, its staple food, its customs, traditions, festivities and religion of a community represent the community’s culture. Culture manifests itself through the lifestyle of the individuals of a community. The moral values of the people of a community also represent their culture. One’s culture plays an important role in shaping the principles of the individual’s life. The cultural values of an individual have a deep impact on his/her attitude towards life. Culture is the ultimate system of social control where people monitor their own standard and behavior. A community’s culture lays the foundation of the living of its people. In other words, the strength of a nation depends much on the strength of culture of its people. While knowing one’s culture deeply is of paramount importance for a student, it is also important to know the cultures of other nations and peoples to be more understanding towards others and to have a more tolerant and balance thinking. The idea is that a pupil well groomed with a good knowledge of Literary, Arts and Culture will definitely have the added ingredients inside him or her to be more confident and to enjoy life more richly.


  • CONSERVATION OF ENVIRONMENTenvironment field trip nthss
    Preservation and protection of the world’s environment is a major global concern today. Even so, the School’s curriculum in our State has Environmental Studies as one of the subjects of study. Environmental education teaches students about the natural environment and about how human beings can enjoy sustainable living and live in a way that respect the ecosystem and does not damage the environment, which is so important for the future. Conservation of forests, conservation of water, conservation of soil, conservation of the entire Eco-system are all becoming burning issues even as we are increasingly confronted with the reality of global warming and the resulting climate change mainly owing to human activity and in view of the ever increasing pressure of population. Environment issue is in high priority for our school. We make efforts to arrange co-curricular activities wherein children can practically involve, get a feel of nature and to learn to have a genuine appreciation for nature so that when they grow up they will naturally want to protect it. Other related areas of priority are Sanitation and Health,  etc.