Chairman’s Message

An institution in pursuit of excellence, NTHSS basically aims to prepare pupils for life. We strongly endeavour to make education purposeful, meaningful and an enjoyable experience!

We seek to nurture our pupils to develop their full potential – physically, intellectually and spiritually thereby to be trained and well equipped to face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Conforming to the Motto of the School – Bear Good Fruits , we endeavour to make men and women who are God fearing possessing sound moral Character , rational  in  their thinking , productive , good law abiding citizens , who are truly good human beings and , an asset to their society . We seek to establish suitable environment for facilitating producing a community of caring, progressive, lifelong learners who will embrace and celebrate all creations.  

We seek to promote values of dignity of labour, local culture and local skills along side with learning the most updated knowledge and technologies.

We seek to inculcate our pupils a deep sense of patriotism and loyalty to their motherland and, the need of practical ethics in public life.   

Upholding of values of  justice , secularism and democracy is central in all our policies and activities,  even as we endeavour that all those who come to and go from our School should have these values imbibed in them , so that we  finally contribute in creating a peaceful and progressive society , no matter how seemingly insignificant our contributions .

We are committed to accomplish all these by means of creating a real place of learning and a well structured and constantly evolving Curriculum blended with a rich mix of extra-curricular activities handled by a highly dedicated team of well trained faculty.  

My best wishes to all our esteemed NTHSS family members, our valued well wishers and to all those who will choose to join us in future!